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Your Partner in Building a Career


  • Develop a strategic plan for your career

  • Market your skills and raise your stature for the NBA Draft

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Manage your career on a daily basis to help expand your unique talents

  • Post-career management and consultation


Marketing Advisor


  • Endorsement deals

  • Shoe deals

  • Trading card deals

  • Public appearances

  • Public relations

  • Charitable endeavors


General Services


  • Travel arrangements

  • Apartment location

  • Furniture rental/purchase

  • Bill paying & household budgeting

  • Placement of Insurance Needs

  • Advise and assist in finding the right agent for personal lines of insurance

  • Place and organize all career-ending disability insurance

Supervise Your Financial World


  • Work closely with your financial advisor on all financial matters

  • Work with you on cash management

  • Establish short-term & long term budgets


Tax and Accounting Services


  • Work closely with your accounting firm on tax planning, Federal and State tax filings, including withholding & estimated payments

  • Help refer tax accountants

  • Assist with bookkeeping and general accounting


Real Estate Needs


  • Supervise home & real estate acquisition

  • Obtain appraisal estimates

  • Negotiate buying, selling & financing

  • Handle all legal matters from contract to closing


Legal Needs


  • General legal advice

  • Refer all estate planning & family law matters

  • Prepare other legal documents

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